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Industry leading Internal Talent Pipeline software to manage the accelerated sorting of talent and opportunity the business needs.

Manage the return-to-work, index skills centrally and match to available roles, keep internal talent pipelines inspired, and identify 'flight risk' at the speed, scale and quality that is required.



While the gut-wrenching task of cutting back has already begun, the work of re-hiring will also be immense as businesses experience an accelerated sorting of talent and opportunity - matching the skills, competencies and ambition of their talent to the new roles available.

The existing hiring structure is designed for a turnover of 3 to 4 percent—so what happens when that number spikes to 30 or 40 percent? Clearly, these are not normal times, so we can’t rely on the “normal” tools previously used, as they can’t hit the speed, scale, and quality that the business will need candidates coming out of this crisis. The Talent.ID solution delivers the speed, scale, and quality that TA/HR will need:

  • Index skills centrally to match to available roles for re-hiring
  • Keep internal talent pipelines inspired to return to the business
  • Identify and manage 'flight risk' whilst employees work remotely
  • Scale re-hiring with reduced TA/HR headcount

How does it work?

Talent.ID helps you to build the bridge between your internal and external talent pipelines. It enables you to manage all potential candidates on the one platform. It gives you the ability to run separate campaigns to each pipeline yet score in a way where you can identify those most suitable for each individual vacancy.

Several Candidate.ID customers have
been using Talent.ID to:

  • Keep employees up to date with current opportunities within the business
  • Ensure they are focused on their own personal development opportunities
  • Enable HR and TA teams to update the skills each person has and easily match with current vacancies

In guiding our customers, we have come to describe this service as, Talent.ID. This is a major employer branding, employee engagement and business continuity opportunity.

What's included?

Your fallow, static employee database will always be changing - yet your current tech stack is unable to show you that. Candidate.ID takes your inanimate internal talent database and turns it into an organic, vibrant and ever-changing pipeline.

Using Talent.ID, you can:

  • Engage, capture, store and organise your internal talent information
  • Follow built in workflows to make sure you stay in control
  • Use comprehensive dashboards and reports to see the live picture

It is the only way you see and benefit from changes in behaviour and job-seeking status. Benefit from:

  • Unique ID.Score to grade talent engagement and skills
  • Understand who is considering alternative positions or locations
  • Identify potential 'flight risks' and nurture them

Software Features

  • Employee profiles

  • Skills matching

  • Contact management

  • Email communication

  • Contact insights & activity

  • Automated workflows

  • Landing pages

  • Forms

  • Content management

  • Position management

  • Document sharing

  • Document parsing

  • AI search and match

  • 360-degree view of talent

  • Daily activity notifications

  • Pipeline segmentation and management

  • Email and SMS communications

  • Activity tracking/notifications

  • Free email and page templates

  • Smart send scheduling

  • 100+ automated workflows

  • User access management

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Plus 27 other features


From £1,500 / 1,700 Euro / $1,800 per month *

*introductory first-month free offer available

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Founded by recruitment, marketing and technology experts, Candidate.ID was recruitment tech start-up of the year at Unleash in 2018 (Amsterdam) and Hiring Success in 2019 (San Francisco). International employers including BUPA, IQVIA, Nielsen and Specsavers use our software to generate daily hot candidate leads straight into recruiters’ inboxes and build the most sophisticated, automated talent pipelines available in recruitment technology.

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