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Exclusive investment opportunity for talent acquisition professionals - June/July 2019

Having launched to the market in January 2017, Candidate.ID has already generated customers including IBM, IQVIA and Thermo Fisher Scientific and we’re changing the way employers approach recruitment because, for the first time, they can use technology to create genuine talent pipelines; talent pipelines which show recruiters which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real time.

Candidate.ID - Specsavers

In 2018, with no additional headcount in the recruitment team, using Candidate.ID, Specsavers hired 50% more optometrists (the hardest roles to fill in the UK according to Indeed, March 2019) than during the previous year.

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Winners in Recruitment Innovation

Having won the recruitment start-up competition at Unleash in Amsterdam in October and subsequently recruitment tech start-up of the year at Hiring Successin San Francisco in March, we know our industry is starting to accept our position that talent pipeline automation is one of the most powerful tactics making recruiting much more efficient in 2019 and an important operating model for the future. In short, we are taking talent acquisition to the next, more sophisticated stage of its evolution.

To confirm, we are only making this opportunity available to people in talent acquisition and the related HR world. This is an opportunity to come together to collaborate and create shared value. We’re doing this as a gesture of friendship and goodwill because tech investing, from as little as £100 ($132), is fun and if you own a part of our business, we know you’re more likely to share with us your good ideas and feedback.

We are confident in our ability to generate a strong increase in the value of your investment because:
  1. Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs with deep, relevant expertise. Adam Gordon worked in recruitment, recruitment marketing and as a consultant at PwC before founding Social Media Search in 2009, and subsequently merging this business with Norman Broadbent plc in 2012. Scot McRae trained in sales and marketing as a graduate at P&G before working in marketing roles at Hugo Boss and Bibendum and launching his own marketing tech consultancy in 2007.
  2. Our board advisor George Elliott has chaired several public tech companies, has undertaken three IPOs and sold a company (as Chairman) to Facebook in 2016. CFO Jane Mackie spent five years as CFO of a public tech company and trained as a chartered accountant with Grant Thornton.
  3. Professional recruitment tech investors including Berlin-based Jacobo Invest UG, are already backing our business.
  4. Candidate.ID has created the new standard for talent pipelines; they only exist when you know which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real time. Only Candidate.ID can deliver this at scale.
  5. Our market positioning is now widely accepted as exciting and a standard operating model for the future. This is evidenced by our winning two majorinternational recruitment tech start-up competitions over the last 6 months.
  6. The Candidate.ID product is already very good but as of July, will be even better; we’re re-building it right now to make our highly sophisticated and powerful recruitment tech product even easier to use and adopt. This will enable seamless integration with all ATSs, the creation of a full CRM product (which we will offer to any organisation to use for free) and the entry of Candidate.ID ‘Lite’ for SMBs and recruitment agencies.
  7. We’ve only just got started. As soon as the product is re-launched we’ll be joining all the ATSs’ market places. We’ll be able to onboard new customers 10 x faster and additional functionality we’re creating will make buying decisions much easier for customers.
  8. Our revenue grew by 23% in 2018 with no external investment in the company.

" The current and future challenge for talent acquisition is the ability to attract high performing passive candidates by engaging them with compelling content. Candidate.ID is perfectly positioned to help organisations achieve this."

Jonny Briggs
Group Head – Talent Acquisition, Aviva

Our talent pipeline automation product

Candidate.ID is talent pipeline automation software which, as of July 2019, will include full recruitment CRM functionality. We aren’t creating the CRM because we think it’s going to move the needle for TA teams but simply to make the integration with older ATSs seamless.
  • Candidate.ID allows employers to distribute content to everyone they wantto nurture for future opportunities via email, text message and social media. The most important super-power within the product is its ability to track and score a rich digital footprint of each candidate’s activity. This produces five unique abilities to:
    • Filter candidates based on a real-time engagement score and get to shortlist, on average, 50% faster
    • Understand what each candidate is interested in so the recruiter can generate rapport quickly when they make an approach
    • Distribute a highly personalised candidate experience since Candidate.ID knows which subjects, channels, formats, days of the week and times of the day each person responds best to
    • Get better and better at overall recruitment marketing since Candidate.ID can show TA teams the impact of each Tweet, LinkedIn update, video and landing page
    • Generate automatic GDPR compliance since Candidate.ID knows which people are active and which aren’t. Those who are active are continuously affirming their legitimate interest in an employer or agency
  • Candidate.ID tells recruiters Jane has undertaken meaningful activity and is likely to be ready for a call whereas John hasn’t and isn’t. No other HR technologies can serve recruiters with leads in this way.
  • Who would you call first?
  • 2.5 years after launching, there are still no recruitment tech products in the market able to deliver genuine talent pipelines.
  • Our product roadmap includes various machine learning programmes which will deliver considerable additional advantages to TA teams, including self-building campaigns. This will ensure continued clear blue water between Candidate.ID and future competitors.

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