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The ability to filter candidates on engagement and match against a job has never been done before.

By searching, intuitively filtering and sorting data from over 300 job boards, online networking sites and your existing ATS/CRM database, Candidate.ID's resume search software quickly finds the most relevant candidates to match your vacancy and identify the total addressable market - all in one place.

This is a world first for recruitment technology!

Source & Match

Using the new Source & Match module within Candidate.ID, recruiters are able to:

  • Find candidates in their own ATS, their Candidate.ID pipelines and from over 300 job board databases and communities, in one search, in seconds
  • Automatically create candidate profiles on Candidate.ID from CVs, social media profiles, talent communities, email inboxes and existing ATS and CRM platforms
  • Accurately parse candidate contact information, employment history, skills and qualifications
  • Create or update new candidates found on job board databases and communities, automatically adding CVs, contact information, employment history and skills
  • Automatically trigger personalised email and text message campaigns to the newly identified candidates

Candidate.ID customers have been using Source & Match to:

  • Match candidates and sort them based on how closely their skills and experience are aligned with the job vacancy
  • Build and search total addressable markets for each type of position that they recruit for
  • Import previously received resumes to make them searchable
  • Find candidates who are currently on internships, placements or at university or college allowing them to nurture them before they are actively looking for a job
  • Build up diverse pipelines covering various locations and specialisms
  • Reduce time spent on recruitment by finding suitable candidates from their ATS database (via a resume search), online networking sites and more than 300 job boards, sorting them by suitability

Software Features

  • Employee profiles

  • Skills matching

  • Contact management

  • Email communication

  • Contact insights & activity

  • Automated workflows

  • Landing pages

  • Forms

  • Content management

  • Position management

  • Document sharing

  • Document parsing

  • AI search and match

  • 360-degree view of talent

  • Daily activity notifications

  • Pipeline segmentation and management

  • Email and SMS communications

  • Activity tracking/notifications

  • Free email and page templates

  • Smart send scheduling

  • 100+ automated workflows

  • User access management

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Plus 27 other features

About Candidate.ID

Founded by recruitment, marketing and technology experts, Candidate.ID is the multi-award-winning #TalentLeadGen platform, which auto-sources new candidates from job boards, communities, social media, CVs, and existing ATS/CRM platforms; tracks every candidate interaction across multi-channel recruitment activity - job boards, advertising, email, SMS, messaging, social media, landing pages, careers, corporate websites; and prioritises 'best-fit' candidates (grade A+ and highly engaged) with daily ‘Hot Leads’ reports and real-time notifications.

Leveraging marketing automation, AI-driven source and match, advanced tracking and scoring with predictive analytics, Candidate.ID enables the continuous nurture of candidates to application, or recycling to keep them warm for future opportunities. Our real-time engagement score allows recruiters to understand who is cold, warm and 'hire-ready' to optimise conversion, as well as building efficient talent pipelines which maximise engagement whilst minimising irrelevant messaging.

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